It was quite a surprise for me when I heard from my cousin that the church he went to in Florida insisted that regardless of reason behind a divorce, it was a sin for either party to remarry after being divorced.  It can be seen how they came to such a conclusion, but it is very erroneous nonetheless!

It is true that if a man or woman has relations with someone other than their spouse, they are guilty of the sin of Adultery. But if the couples have divorced due to marital unfaithfulness, the Bible clearly teaches that the innocent spouse is free to remarry and would not be committing Adultery. The cheating spouse through their Adultery has broken the vow or marriage covenant and the innocent party is freed to divorce and remarry.

It also seems clear that it is possible to remarry under some circumstances even if the marriage was not dissolved due to marital unfaithfulness, if a non-believer just insists on leaving their Christian spouse.  Because it is outside the control of the believing spouse, he or she is not punished for the non-believer’s actions in demanding the divorce.  This is similar to one party committing adultery, for as soon as the non-believer remarries or has relations with another person, he or she would in fact be guilty of adultery, but not being saved, they have much bigger problems than adultery!

It is clearly a sin for two believing spouses to divorce for any reason other than marital unfaithfulness, and in these cases, both would be committing adultery once they remarry another person or have relations with someone else.  It is advised that problematic marriages may go into a period of separation during which there is complete faithfulness such that after counseling and much prayer they may be together again.  If the couple had already divorced but had not been with anyone else but their spouse, they should be encouraged to remarry.  Otherwise, if the two believing spouses remain apart after separating or getting divorced, as soon as one of them has relatiosn with someone other, the innocent party, the faithful partner it would seem is free to remarry, first of course getting a divorce if this happened during separation.

Of course, even in the face of marital unfaithfulness, forgiveness has its place and many couples are urged to try and work things out instead of opting for divorce, especially if there are children involved.

I apologize for the lack of verses, I’m simply too tired to look them up right now, I hope to come back and add them later. Or please do beat me to it and post them in reply!